About Us

A Brief History

In 2009 we had the opportunity to purchase a small batch Diedrich coffee roaster. and start roasting our own coffee.  Having no prior experience it was a bit rough starting out but our wonderful café customers stuck with us as we developed our roast style from trial and error.  Luckily some of our experimentation paid off and we were able to develop a style of roasting unique in the coffee industry and we’ve been roasting exceptional coffees ever since.  As the years get on we’ve come to realize there’s never a moment to be bored in this industry, whether it’s a new roasting technique, a new processing technique, or some development in the coffee growing world there’s always something new to learn.

Our Mission

As a small roaster in Janesville we have some significant advantages over larger, less agile roasters.  Firstly we buy small small lots of coffee that are transparently sourced and have characteristics that are unique to a farm or farm collective thereby keeping our roasts highly differentiated and true to the coffee’s terroir.  Each coffee that we get is sample roasted using several different methods to determine the optimal roast profile and once roasted we look to get the coffee out to our customers freshly roasted(within 3-5 days) thereby showcasing the best characteristics of each coffee.

Sourcing Ethos

We look for coffees that are sourced transparently from local cooperatives and producer associations that support members by pooling resources for such initiatives as healthcare, education, technical assistance, financing, infrastructure, crop improvements, and other services that are often difficult to obtain yet essential for farmers.  By sourcing transparently and ethically we can support small farmers and their communities while receiving outstanding coffees year after year.