New Roasts

Feb-4-2021 Colombian Tolima Bosque Galilea FTO

We were lucky to have this coffee reserved for us far in advance by by our amazing coffee broker Jeri over at Royal as it sold out almost immediately on arrival.  We used it in three of our roasts and blended it for our espresso.   We already have high expectations for Colombian and this one didn’t disappoint.  My personal favorite was the Colombian medium roast which had perhaps more nuance than I’ve ever had out of a medium roast but they were all standout coffees with each showcasing the roast type well.  We should have them through Febrary and into March so take advantage while you can!

Jan-19-2021 Kenya Ecotact AA

We were sorry to see the Guatemala Antigua Bella Carmona go but our new Kenyan more than holds its own in terms the complexity, balance, and sweetness that we hope for in our lighter roasts.  Notes of stone fruit, honey, mandarin orange and green grape define this lovely roast.  Velvety body and a smooth aftertaste leave you wanting more.  Though sourced on Kenya’s open auction system, this coffee has characteristics you would expect from a single source coffee highlighting the expertise and dedication with which this coffee was harvested and processed making it well worth the premium price.  We should have this coffee available through March.  Enjoy!

IKAWA - Kenya AA Ecotact